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Gain the ability to start your vehicle from up to a 1/4 mile away! This simple system starts your vehicle for 25 minutes and is guaranteed for life! Starting at $389 for most vehicles!​Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee!


Gain the ability to start your vehicle wherever there is a LTE signal! You can start your vehicle from anywhere provided your vehicle is in a LTE service area. It gives you the ability to track(GPS) and even monitor your battery! Starting at $549 for most vehicles!​Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee!

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Our 2-way remote system lets you know that your vehicle got the signal to start. You can rest assured that your vehicle is started with our 2 way system. Starting at $599 for most vehicles.​Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee!

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Compustar Alarm It KIT

Add an Alarm to ANY Remote Start for an additional $149

  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts If your Compustar remote start system is connected to a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will be instantly notified if your alarm is triggered

  • The Smartest Security Sensor The ALARMIT KIT includes a DASII 4-in-1 sensor that adds the following security features to your vehicle: dual-stage shock detection, tilt sensing, and accelerometer

  • The Loudest Siren The alarm siren included in the ALARMIT KIT features a speaker that gets as loud as 105+dB; capable of scaring away intruders and alerting those nearby

  • What is an "E-LOCK Relay?" The E-LOCK relay included in the ALARMIT KIT functions as a "starter-kill", which prevents your vehicle from being driven while your security system is armed; thus preventing auto-theft/carjacking

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What brand remote starters do you use?

We Use CompuStar branded remote starters due to their reputation and outstanding customer support. They are the best in the business.

Will an aftermarket remote starter void my warranty?

No! We install remote starters in brand new vehicles all the time for Dealerships. The Magnuson-Moss act has been protecting consumers(you) since 1975.

How long will it take to install a remote starter in my vehicle?

Every car is different! It depends on the system, features, and wiring in your vehicle. Most vehicles will take 2-3 hours. Some less, some more.

Can I put a remote starter in my stick shift vehicle?

Yes! We have remote start modules specifically for manual transmission vehicles. There is a small upcharge of $25 for a stick shift vehicle.

Can you install a remote starter on a diesel vehicle?

Yes! We have special settings for diesel vehicles so we can wait for the glow plugs to cycle before starting the vehicle.

Can someone steal my vehicle while its remote started?

No! You need the key in order to drive away.. if someone breaks in to the vehicle - as soon as they depress the brake, it will shut off.

What is your warranty for remote starters?

Lifetime warranty on units and installation. 1 year on aftermarket fobs.

We stand behind our products and service for life!

Where are you located?

We are located at 716 Homestead Ave Maybrook, NY 12543 or you can ask us about our mobile service!

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